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Missy Gauthreaux, Esq.

Tax Attorney - Of Counsel

Missy Gauthreaux is a native of Louisiana who brings some of that Cajun spice to our Tampa roots. Missy has the unusual distinction of being a licensed attorney and Certified Public Accountant,“CPA”, in the state of Florida.

“Missy is a triple threat – she is extremely smart, she understands the law like a lawyer and can speak numbers like an accountant. Those combined abilities make her an extremely valuable asset to any team but most importantly to a client,” said Danny Alvarez, ALG’s managing member. “When Missy talks everyone listens.”

She began her accounting career as a Cost Accountant for Acme Brick & Block Co.  Hoping to broaden her horizons, Missy became a Sales Associate while working for McJunkin Corporation.  While at McJunkin, Missy was consistently in the Million Dollar Plus Sales Category. Having continued success in sales served as a continual reminded of one thing:  Missy loved working with numbers.  Returning to her passion, Missy pursued an Accounting Degree while working as a Department Accountant for Louisiana State University.  Upon completion of her degree, Missy moved to the Tampa Area and began her career at AEGON as an Accountant and was later promoted to Commissions Supervisor.  While working at AEGON, Missy pursued her MBA and Law degree.  Upon completing her formal education, Missy joined L. John Guerin, CPA firm.  At the CPA firm, Missy specializes in representing clients before the IRS.  She has had over $200,000 in penalties abated by the IRS and has helped numerous clients resolve their issues with IRS.  Missy is a Certified Public Accountant, a member of the Florida Bar and was recently admitted to the US Tax Court.

As a mother of four, Missy believes it is important to be involved in our children’s future.  Missy is a school volunteer, a Girl Scout Troop leader, and a Faith Formation teacher at St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church in Palm Harbor.